Her Face is Old and Wrinkled

I hope that this doesn’t offend…it is an attempt to voice emotion through words rather than promote or judge human behaviour.

Her Face is Old and Wrinkled


Her face is old and wrinkled, yet he knows her so well.

His hand trembles as he strokes her hair


So strong and so beautiful; she has always been his anchor

He prays for forgiveness and takes a deep breath


Her eye meets his, they are full of steel

He wants her to stop him but he knows he must proceed


Her breathing is laboured, she suffers so much

He curses his hand that clutches the pillow


Her once gleaming eyes close for the last time

His eyes lose control as he carries out love’s last wish


Her face is so old, yet he knows her so well

He looks at his shaking hands, knowing he will never feel again.

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