A Passionate Revival of Street Food in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE is the home of achievement.

The facts speak for themselves. Over the years numerous men and women have aspired to great and wonderful things, and many have made a name for themselves in this generous city. We think of such persons as the talented actress Emma Thompson; Quentin Blake whose illustrations have entertained generations, and Fry and Laurie who learnt their art of comedy here before taking the world by storm. Yes, Cambridge is a place where anyone with imagination and flair can ensure that their name is celebrated and remembered.

And Cambridge has done it again. This great city is proud to announce the arrival of its latest talent, Leo Riethoff.

Leo Riethoff is the owner of a thriving and successful business called ‘Steak&Honour’. Don’t worry if the name isn’t familiar to you yet as you will hear it and, once you do, you will not forget it in a hurry. Leo’s reputation is growing by the day and he already has a cult following.


What is Steak&Honour and why is it so successful? Put simply it is the name responsible for the revival of excellent street food in Cambridge. With the increase of fast-food joints, and tasteless franchises that fail to inspire, Steak&Honour is exactly what this city needs to remind itself why independent businesses are so valuable.

Everything about Steak&Honour is class. From the top-quality freshly ground chuck-steak burgers, to the beautifully restored 1972 Citreon H van that the food is cooked in, you are not just fulfilling a basic need when you visit Leo, you are enjoying an experience that excites all the senses.

2013-04-13 15.45.28Too often consumers settle for poor food, in drab settings, sold by uninterested staff. Not so with Steak&Honour. Care has been woven into every aspect of the experience and one cannot fail to feel proud of a local company that believes so much in traditional values. All you have to do is speak to Leo while he bustles around his kitchen and you can sense the pride and love that has been put into his work. It is so different from anything else. For the few minutes you are engaged with Leo, you are not just a customer, you are not just another sale, you are an audience to his creative flair; a witness to his art, a spectator to his passion.

And it’s this passion that helps create good food. It must be good as there is only one burger on the menu. That’s it. While you might be able to omit one or two of the ingredients, if you dare, it’s actually better to stand back and watch the artist build your burger in the way that he designed it. You do not ask what can you have, you are given what has been created. And it works. What you are presented with can be described as the best burger in Cambridge, which is a bold and daring claim considering how many options there are. Yet, there it is, without pomp and ceremony, without arrogance and fierce marketing, Steak&Honour has become a firm favourite for so many people.


That Steak&Honour is truly popular is evident through the frenzy generated on Twitter. Whenever Leo and his kitchen is booked to appear at a function, locals in Cambridge tweet furiously the location to advertise his presence. And to great effect, standing in line waiting for your turn, you hear many joyous voices exclaim that they have followed the van by word of mouth. If you don’t wish to leave finding Leo up to other people, then you can always follow him yourself at @steakandhonour and make sure that you never miss an opportunity to partake of his tasty wares.

So the next time you are in a chain restaurant, or fast-food establishment, and your burger isn’t quite hitting the spot, take a minute to remember Leo and his vintage kitchen. Remember that he is the hottest new name on the Cambridge scene, and remember that he has become a firm favourite of many, many people. Then put down your burger, collect your coat and leave. The Steak&Honour van won’t be that far away and you can go and enjoy a truly unique experience.

Well done Cambridge, another success story to add to your ever-growing portfolio.


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