Welcome to ‘writer’s blog’

Hello and welcome to my website!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My name is Scott and I’m an aspiring writer. Now let me clarify what that means as I’m sure we have all met one of those before, and the stereotype of an “aspiring writer” is one that sits in coffee shops while wearing tweed and surfs the internet for days on end…not writing! I am a guy that has had writing experience in previous jobs but, after a string of redundancies and temporary contracts, I have decided to try and become good enough to make a living doing something I really enjoy.

So this is my website; an attempt to chronicle my journey from being ‘mildly interested in writing stuff’, to being a published writer with the sort of credentials that are highly sought after. In this blog I will try and capture all the highs and lows of my endeavour, and maybe pass on any wisdom I have learnt to those that are planning to follow suit and become a writer.

I think it important to state that you will not find any magic formula to being successful. There is no science here either. In fact, my blog may actually catalogue a series of events within my journey that ends in my utter failure as a writer. So if you are trying to save a quick buck (a little nod to any American readers) by reading this blog, then please don’t. Get a decent book, join a good course, and good luck! But do read my blog if you want a ring-side seat into my future…good or bad.

But please don’t sit there silently…do say hello and make as much noise on here as you wish.

See you around and take care


One Response to Welcome to ‘writer’s blog’

  1. Good luck with the blog Scott… I am here because you are engaging and interesting on Social Media, so I look forward to reading your ramblings : )
    Miss Sue Flay

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